Helene’s Team RE/MAX Realty

Web and Technology Consultant, 2009

Helene’s Team, owned and operated by Helene Cass, is one of Scottsdale’s most prominent and successful Realtors.  She brought me onboard to supervise production of her website redesign, write and edit copy for the website and manage her office computers.

Website Production

Helene's TeamHelene required an extremely large and complex website, due to the extent of her realty business.  Her site includes hundreds of pages, including individual home listings, mortgage information, guides on purchasing a home, community details and amenities, individual business listings and a bevy of biographical information.

I was charged with researching and writing all new content for these pages, and working with the web designer (Pier 1 Solutions) to ensure functionality.

A brief list of innovations that I brought to her site include an embedded video-tour on the homepage, searchable business listings, a polling module and the ability to subscribe to the e-Newsletter on each page.

We also reviewed targeted search terms, and optimized the site to improve ranking on Google, Bing and other search engines based on those terms.  I cultivated inbound and reciprocal links to continue improving the results from those terms.

IT Management

I also oversaw the six computers in Helene’s office, performing maintenance and upgrades on each machine.  I also managed their email servers, and reduced junk email to a negligible amount (<1%).

Future Plans

In the near future under my supervision, Helene’s Team will begin a community and real estate blog, and offer a free bulletin board serving their north Scottsdale area.