A Few Samples of Our Publicity & Marketing Material

Please feel free to browse through these samples of my work!  Each season featured a unique look and feel throughout (colors, styles, layout, etc), which we kept consistent for all of our material.  Click on any of the images below to view the entire document in PDF form.

Season Brochure

2008-09 Season Brochure

Season Poster

2008-09 Season Poster

Rack Card

2008-09 Rack Card

Lobby Banner

2008-09 Trio of Lobby Banners


2007-08 Season Preview
Appearing in Northwest Valley Republic supplement of The Arizona Republic on May 4, 2007

Shidara Interview

Interview with Shidara
Appearing in Prime Time supplement of Daily News Sun on April 10, 2008

Press Release - Inspired By America

Press Release - Inspired by America by the Cypress String Quartet

Press Release- Presale To Members

Press Release - Presale to Members for 2008-09 Season